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We have been buying directly from a family run factory in Jodhpur for over 14 years and we are very happy with the quality and service that we receive and believe that our customers should get the same.

The furniture that comes from this factory has been made from a mixture of Indian hardwoods and there is very little waste, so your furniture may come with a variety of grains and colours which in no way distract from its quality.

We are working with our manufacturers to reduce waste and therefore use all of the timber available, this sometimes means that filler is used where a knot has been removed, this is a usual practise and should not be seen as sub standard. Remember that wood is a natural product and its beauty lies within its unique characteristics. It is not a 'perfect' material and should not be compared to plastic or laminated items of furniture. It is unavoidable but wood fillers will be used sensitively to not waste any wood, and allow the items to show their natural beauty.

Sometimes there is a little settling movement in a small number of pieces, this can easily be repaired using Fiddes wax and wax sticks which are available online.